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  • Pantera Rosa
    Calle 9, 10 meters south from Ave 12
    San Jose, Costa Rica

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    Pantera Rosa

    Calle 9, 10 meters south from Ave 12
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    $ 50.00
    $ 100.00

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    2 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 07-27-2012
    I went to Pantera Rosa for the first time. Cab driver knew the location, only cost about C1500 to get there from gringo gulch hotel area. Entrance was C5000 ($10 USD) including two drinks. Very nice and clean club. Has a large central stage with poles and a rising platform on which the dancers emerge from an underground space. The girls are nice! I saw a number of 7-8/10 at this club. Girls want drinks C5000 and that I think is the cost to grind on you at the table. I did not buy a dance. I did however go to the back room I found a beautiful stripper hot 8-9/10 girl. Cost C30.000 for 30 minutes. Back room with a couch. She was okay performer, only let me lick her tits a little bit, no kissing, no DATY, would not let me touch her pussy with my hand. Covered BJ only. Did have sex in a couple of different positions She would not touch my cock without a condom on. Very mechanical interaction with a beautiful girl. I would definitely go back to this place. Felt very safe here. I would try a different girl next time.

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    Reviewed 10-02-2010
    The Pantera Rosa is hands down one of the best places in Costa Rica, first of all in terms of the talent pool that works here and also in terms of bang for your buck. There are over 20 7's and up in a fun and lively strip club environment. The seating is comfortable and the girls are friendly. To bang a girl at the club, you will be paying $30 for 15 minutes. Even if you double the time and take her for a half an hour then that will still leave you paying only $60 for the half an hour to bang a hot girl. To take a girl out then the price is still reasonable at only $50 for the house and about $100 for the girl. Pantera Rosa gets a two boner salute from us!

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