Blue Marlin Bar
Calle 9
San Jose, Costa Rica

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  • Blue Marlin Bar

    Calle 9
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    $ 100.00

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 10-02-2010
    This is the center of all of the chica action in San Jose, Costa Rica. This place is world famous and for good reason. There are generally around a hundred or more girls in The Blue Marlin Bar and in the adjoining casino of the Del Rey Hotel. The talent here generally ranges from above average to exceptional. One pass through the bar area may end up leaving you groped from several directions by several girls and with an inflated ego. Well, enjoy it fellas. If you are green to Latin America and don't speak much Spanish then you can expect the girls to ask for about $150 or so for about an hour or as long as it takes to get your nut off and leave you satisfied. Most of the girls will be happy for about $100 for an hour and many will settle for even less if your hooker negotiating skills are up.

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