Calle 9 in between Ave 10 and Ave 12
San Jose, Costa Rica
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  • Illusions

    Calle 9 in between Ave 10 and Ave 12
    San Jose, Costa Rica


    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 10-02-2010
    Well, after going to Illusions, we left a bit confused. As we reached the nondescript building, pretty much the standard for massage parlors in Costa Rica, everything seemed business as usual until we knocked on the door. Once we knocked, we were told in a female gargled Spanish voice to wait a moment so we waited, expecting the door to open momentarily. After a minute or so we knocked again and this time we were told that she needed some time followed by a man's voice who more emphatically asked for some time. You don't have to be a genious to realize that my man inside was already balls deep in something. Well, this also seemed to explain the gargled voice of the chica. The real confusion is that they seemed to be banging in what would normally be the lobby. Oh well, after doing further investigation we realized that this place is very small and only services up to at most three or four guys at a time. Now we all know that these girls are not spring chickens or virgins by any means but still, that's not exactly the type of line that I want to be waiting on! On the menu at Illusions...sloppy 14ths server hot and beat up!

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