Monkey Bar
Rt 34 (the main st in Jaco) 100 meters from the Quiznos
Jaco, Costa Rica

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  • Monkey Bar

    Rt 34 (the main st in Jaco) 100 meters from the Quiznos
    Jaco, Costa Rica
    $ 100.00

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    3 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 06-12-2012
    Providers Name: Mariana
    This bar is cool. It has a mix of local girls, surfers, and hookers. I had a beer and talked with some of the girls, then I walked out with this one girl. At first I actually thought she was just a local, but then she said it would cost $80 for 1 hour. I said what the hell and brought her back to my room and banged her. Her name was Mariana and she said she was just visiting Jaco for the weekend, but who knowns if that is true or not. Anyway, she was fun and hot. I would do her again....

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    Reviewed 11-26-2010
    Very fun night club with about 95% hookers. Some locals. Hookers ranging from not so good to incredibly hot. They seem like normal girls at the beginning off the night but it will become apparent as the night wears on that they are indeed hookers as they will get much more aggressive. I was there Saturday to wednesday and it was only open on Wednesday night with no posted schedule which is pretty much par for the course for costa rica. I left with two super hot columbian girls for $140 total and had a great time. Watch out for the crazy hookers out on the street as they will come up and reach for money out of your pocket.

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    Reviewed 10-02-2010
    Monkey Bar in Jaco is a very lively and fun night club. This is not a whore house or brothel. This is a regular night club where the freelance girls go to find a date. Anywhere from 95% to 100% of the girls in the Monkey Bar are selling their ass for the night. You can expect to pay $100 for an hour or so but the girls may start the negotiations at $150. There is always a chance to get the girl a little lower depending on the conditions in the club such as amount of guys and time of night but $100 will leave her happy. The girls here range from very hot to not that great. This is a good place to find a very nice looking girl and is a fun place to visit.

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